Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pasture Fun!

We celebrated Luke's birthday out at the pasture last weekend. We always have a good time when we're out there!
Abigail flying her first kite all by herself!

Kaden flying

Rigo and Pappa looked cute flying the baby kites (Rigo's was little mermaid)!!

Riding the four wheeler

Riding the mule

Got a little muddy after one of the rides

Riding the boat

Happy Birthday Luke!

Rigo and Louis napping together! (not really, Erica and I made Louis lay next to Rigo while he was sleeping. Pretty funny! He was already trying to role away here.)

Abigail was pooped and laid down on the deck

We love going to the pasture. If the weather would ever stay nice we might go out there more often!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

We had a great time. We started the night at a Family Festival at the church where Abigail and Kaden go to school. Then we went trick or treating. We didn't get much candy, maybe because they were eating it as we went, but I think we all had a really good time. Hope everyone else did too! Sorry the pics aren't better-they don't exactly cooperate.

Our ladybug

The scary vampire

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

4th of July!!

The 4th was lots of fun with lots of family and friends. Carmen and Carrie both came down this year and I'm so glad they did. They are 2 of the greatest friends in the whole world! We spent the day at the pasture like last year. The only downfall was that it was so dry we couldn't do fireworks. Major bummer, but we dealt with it. We had 4 wheelers, volleyball, horseshoes, slip-n-slides and a huge blow up water slide. It was hot, but we had a good time. Here are just a few of the millions of pics we took.

Hanging with the girls the night before the 4th

Rigo and I

The awesome water slide. Even the grown ups were able to play on this thing. Abigail swam in it for a good 8 hours!
Carmen and Carrie 4 wheeling

I got splashed by ice cold water-she thought it was funny

Sharing her drink with daddy
We had lots to eat that dayHere is the very cool 26 foot skim board thing that Carrie purchased. It's like surfing on a slip-n-slide. Lots tried...but nobody became a pro that day.
Here is Rigo wiping out
My Poppa wiping out-Yes he tried it
Carrie just using it as an old fashioned slip-n-slide. I was not as graceful as she was, but it was fun!!
I may have more pics to post if Carmen will email me hers. Hint hint.... :)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Prayers Needed

Please pray for the families of 2 students at my school. There was a terrible car accident last night that took the life of one my students as well as a father of another student and injured 5 more. There are going to be many grieving students at our school tomorrow when we return. Please pray for the strength that is needed to allow everyone to make it through this terribly tragic event. Also please pray for the surviving victims, that they recover fully and quickly as they are currently in hospitals in Houston and El Campo. Here is a link with more information.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

All Grown Up

Abigail eats cereal like a big girl now. Today I caught her drinking the milk out of her bowl. I just thought she looked so grown up and cute!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy Easter!

We had a really good Easter weekend. We took Kaden and Abigail to the zoo on Saturday. They were much more interested this year. That night we painted Easter eggs and they did such a good job. They seem so grown up, it's sad. Sunday we spent time with family and hunted eggs in the backyard. They were so funny to watch. Kaden only wanted the ones that rattled and Abigail searched for the ones she thought were pretty. The weather was pretty hot, but I guess it was better than raining! Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

Random pic-She is never in a dress so I had to take a picture. This is not
Easter though

They were chasing after these birds!
I just thought this was too precious

Kaden really wanted to touch this duck. I'm pretty sure it wanted to bite his little hand off too!

She looks so big :(

Easter Day

Monday, February 9, 2009

Dancing babies!

I'm a terrible blogger......This was during the half time show of the super bowl. Abigail loves to dance and has pretty good rhythm. You'll have to excuse her half naked body and saggy diaper. They had just eaten dinner and it was about bath time. They don't normally run around like that! They both love to you can see Kaden lacks in the rhythm department. It's quite hilarious. We joke that he gets his moves from grandpa! They're too fun to watch!

Please excuse the hollering at Kaden. You can see in the video that we have multiple glass coffee tables and they still haven't learned to stay off!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

I'm a killer......

I had my first hunting experience today...... To my surprise I ran across a few people who thought it was rather hilarious the thought of me hunting. Guess I never thought of myself as the prissy girl who would never hunt, but others do...or something along that lines anyway. Candice and Rigo were both suprised and the guy that sold me my hunting license asked me if I'd ever hunted and looked at me like I was crazy for buying it. Well.....not only did I hunt, but I did a pretty good job I think. I took a few practice shots at some beer cans....3 for 3, then shot my deer with my first shot. Her name is Jane...Jane Doe. She may be small, but it's my first one and I'll be back out there to get my buck later this season. My sister got her second one today....a 9 point buck. She hunted for the 1st time last year. I'll post pictures of her beauty later...don't want to make myself look bad. There are some pics of Abigail and Kaden..they always have a great time at the pasture!

I was a little sad for a moment...maybe a little grossed out too :)